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Welcome to our podcast called “Love, Longevity,” where we help you to live longer, better. Our host, Michael B. FitzPatrick, founder and CEO of the Long Term Living Association, otherwise known as the LTLA, interviews thought leaders, innovators, and experts across the country on a variety of issues related to aging and longevity, finances, legal, legacy and philanthropy, health and wellness, relationships and family, housing and transition, caregiving, and more. The goal of the LTLA and this podcast is to change the paradigm as to how seniors and their families view and plan for aging and longevity issues.


Founder of LifeEncore, The Retirement Transition and Life Planning Expert for Boomers

Episode: The Solo Ager: Proactively Protecting the Ties that Bind

5 Things You’ll Learn:

  • People age alone for many reasons other than not having children
  • Recognizing, planning for, and meeting the challenges that accompany aging
  • The importance of assessing facilities in your area before you need help
  • Taking healthy proactive steps vs. managing a crisis
  • However unpleasant the idea, working things out now is a parent’s greatest gift

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SPECIAL GUEST: Andrea Gallagher

Certified Senior Advisor, President Senior Concerns, Aging Strategist, Columnist, Keynote

Episode: Rethinking Your Future

5 Things You’ll Learn:

  • How “helping” can unintentionally disempower
  • Golden Rule vs. Platinum Rule: Treating others the way they wish to be treated
  • Anticipating probabilities and embracing possibilities
  • Building resilience and coping mechanisms to retain control of your own life
  • Pro-actively forming creative, practical solutions to problems before they arise

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