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Without a plan, your retirement vision can fall apart. Our legal team can help you plan with certainty and experience the peace of mind you need for a fulfilling journey.

Sound legal advice that keeps you safe and out of trouble

When it comes to making sure your loved ones are protected, sound legal advisement can make the difference. Our attorneys will discuss some of the strategies and tools that will allow you to protect and preserve your savings and estate, and ensure that you leave a legacy for your family.

Spending time with your family, traveling or giving back to others through philanthropic work are among the opportunities that come with aging. But all of these can be in jeopardy if you don’t prepare for the future.

Our Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorneys will ease your concerns and help you avoid the pitfalls that you may encounter if you try to plan on your own. They will educate you about the strategies and tools available to preserve the assets you’ve worked so hard to acquire. They will also show you how to qualify for important government benefits, how to protect yourself from the exorbitant costs of long-term care and how to enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a plan.

Here at the LTC Partnership, our team of expert Attorneys can provide you with guidance and support on the following legal topics:

  • Elder Law (for seniors and their families)
  • Wills and Other Final Documents
  • Probate
  • Taxation
  • Litigation
  • Power of Attorney
  • Estate Planning
  • Trusts
  • Government Benefits
  • Real Estate

Our legal team will help you:

  • Overcome misconceptions about estate taxes and asset protection
  • Uncover the government benefits for which you might be eligible
  • Ensure your family can act on your behalf
  • Understand how you can plan for disabled family members
  • Know which type of trust suits your needs and how it can protect your assets
  • Avoid mishaps in gifting that could jeopardize Medicaid eligibility
  • Discover how to keep your IRAs safe
  • Learn how to avoid probate
  • Protect your legacy

Call us to have access to attorneys who are at the forefront of issues that can impact you in retirement.

Gain clarity, prepare with a proven plan and live confidently in your retirement years.

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