Tax Planning


Taxes are a certainty, but you may be paying out too much to Uncle Sam. We'll help you cut your tax bill by factoring taxes into all your financial decision-making.

Are You Paying Out Too Much to Uncle Sam?

Every aspect of our lives, personal and professional, have specific tax implications. With the threat of rising taxes and changes in the current tax law, it’s imperative that you take a proactive approach to taxes and incorporate tax planning into all your financial decisions.

Tax planning enables you to forecast the tax obligations that could result from various investment strategies and decisions.

Call us and have access to our tax planning services to eliminate the guesswork and make more informed decisions.

  • Withdrawals and transfers from an investment with proceeds into a trust
  • Tax consequences of an investment strategy and stock gains and losses
  • Trust filing and the appropriate time frames
  • Tax thresholds and deductions
  • Access to tax preparation services

We recommend that you consult with an experienced tax professional—either your current CPA or a tax professional in The LTC Partnership network—to understand tax issues and implications regarding your specific situation.

Gain clarity, prepare with a proven plan and live confidently in your retirement years.

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