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Wishes that come true and dreams that are fulfilled can make a huge difference in a person’s life—especially if you are an elderly individual who is struggling to make ends meet.

The LTC Partnership, LLC, understands that many Morris County seniors with limited income find that making ends meet is increasingly difficult and even a simple need or wish cannot be fulfilled. The LTC Partnership also realized there are few, if any, organizations that raise and donate money to accommodate the basic needs of these seniors with limited incomes.

Already, we see that the wishes and dreams seniors write about are far from lavish. New dentures, mattresses, a ramp for easier home access and car repairs are among the wish-list items requested by applicants. Trips are also popular, especially trips that enable seniors to reunite with family members or dear friends.

The LTC Partnership holds fundraising activities throughout the year so it can grant wishes on a rolling basis. It complements this senior initiative with its Salute to Veterans Program, which honors seniors who have served their country with humility and honor.

Giving back is a way to say thank you to our Veterans, and the LTC Partnership accomplishes this by educating Veterans, and helping them gain the legal access to the presentation and prosecution of claims for Veterans benefits, such as the Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit. Receiving these benefits can change a Veteran’s life, and often make the difference between a person staying in his or her home, being uprooted, or getting the health care he or she needs.

When wishes are granted, dreams are fulfilled, or previously unknown benefits are received, recipients likely say, “I couldn’t have done it without you.” Their expressions of happiness and gratitude are overwhelming and become the greatest gift of all for the LTC Partnership team.

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