November 2023

The Only Constant is Change (Especially with Taxation)

We talk a lot about people not doing tax planning and not spending more time creating the tax outcomes they want. We urge people to understand that it’s within their […]

If You Give to Charities or Have Plans to In the Future, It’s Not Too Late to Reduce Your Current Tax Bill!

Many people have the intention of doing a better job of “tax planning” in order to start having more favorable outcomes, but busy lives and life interruptions can leave them […]

What Is Tax Planning?

We use the term “tax planning” often, but we are aware that many people are not sure what it really is. Some people think “That means off shore accounts and […]

Simple or Complex, Tax Planning is Important!

Sometimes “tax planning” can be easy: “Open an IRA and it reduces your taxable income.” Other times it can be quite complex: “Cost segregation” on a building means hiring an […]

Smart Business Owners Increase their Company’s Sale Value Before and After Tax by Planning Ahead

Most business owners in any five year period can answer yes to at least one of these life event questions that would cause them to need to know what their […]

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