What Makes Us Different

You can't be all things to all people...Our Niche is Your Retirement

In today’s complex world, no one person has ALL the answers. That’s why we’re different from most financial firms out there and why we’re Distribution Advisors who focus exclusively on Retirement Planning for people in or near retirement

Here’s how our model can help us serve you:

In fact, retirement planning is ALL we do, which means our mission is to help you properly transition from SAVING to SAFETY in retirement. We are laser-focused on solving the two major questions that plague retirees: outliving your money or something happening to your health. Our holistic approach addresses the intricacies and dependencies of income, investments, taxes, unplanned health events, and the appropriate protections to safeguard your wealth.

This means we work for YOU, and ONLY YOU. We are not tethered to Wall Street or any one organization. We collaborate with a long list of companies and draw upon a diverse product mix to design solutions that are personalized and tailored to your specific needs.

And, it provides you the SIMPLIFICATION you need to gain PERSPECTIVE and CLARITY about your goals and understand what you must do to achieve them. We help you develop a COHESIVE ACTION PLAN that eliminates the risk of making costly mistakes and maximizes your hard-earned savings so that you can realize your retirement goals with CONFIDENCE and CERTAINTY.

Retirement planning touches on several key areas: INCOME, INVESTMENT, TAX, LEGAL, INSURANCE, HEALTHCARE, REAL ESTATE AND LEGACY planning. Because we believe it’s important for individuals to look at their personal circumstances with a HOLISTIC, 360-degree view, our team includes all these practice areas and a knowledgeable support staff. All your needs can be addressed in one place—RESPONSIVELY, COHESIVELY AND EXPERTLY.

Many Morris County seniors live on limited incomes and find that making ends meet is increasingly difficult, so much so that even the simplest of their wishes cannot come true. There are few, if any, organizations available to raise and donate money to help these seniors. The LTC Partnership established a nonprofit foundation, Senior Dreams Come True Program to raise funds to assist them and make a huge difference in their lives. We know that with your help, the dreams of these seniors can come true.

Since 2001, we’ve worked with thousands of retirees and helped them sleep well at night. We’ve asked them questions and listened attentively to understand their unique stories and provide them with solutions to RETIRE with CONFIDENCE and CERTAINTY. We’ve been with them every step of the way, and that they’re now part of our LTC family.

Because retirement starts with HOPES and DREAMS, we’ve called up our INNOVATIVE (PIONEERING) SPIRIT and created the Long Term Living Association. The LTLA is an organization comprising professionals who provide education, information, and guidance to address the full spectrum of longevity needs: FINANCIAL, LEGAL, HOUSING, HOME CARE, and CARE MANAGEMENT. Serving as a single point of contact for seniors and their families, the LTLA is a resource to which individuals can turn to unravel the myriad of physical, spiritual, psychological, social, philanthropic complexities of their retirement years.

Gain clarity, prepare with a proven plan and live confidently in your retirement years.

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