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What got you here, won't get you there

Geared to Your Distribution Years. Here at The LTC Partnership, we understand when you’re in or approaching retirement, you need a different strategy and specific financial guidance for leveraging what you have accumulated during your working years.

Now, in retirement, your investment strategy and goals must change. Your focus is no longer on growth and accumulation—taking on risk and growing your assets as you did in your working years. Instead, you start shifting your focus to distribution—reducing your risk, maximizing your investments and creating guaranteed, predictable streams of income that last throughout your life.

And that’s our sweet spot. Since we opened our doors in 2001, we’ve helped thousands of retirees make the necessary adjustments to stay financially strong in their retirement years and ensure that they will never run out of money—no matter how long they live.

“The same rules that helped you accumulate money, can separate you from your money in the 2nd half of the game of Life.” – Ed Slott

Gain clarity, prepare with a proven plan and live confidently in your retirement years.

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