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Michael B. FitzPatrick, CLTC President and Co-Founder of The LTC Partnership, LLC, focuses on helping retirees develop a plan to protect against their two greatest financial and emotional concerns: Running out of money and spending all their assets on health-related issues, not covered by traditional health insurance or Medicare. He has been specializing in Retirement Income Planning and Long Term Care strategies since 2001. Mr. FitzPatrick has been quoted in numerous publications, including the NJ Garden State Women magazine, Advisor Today, Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education, Resource Guide for Family Caregivers…

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Retirement & Income Planning

It’s not just about having a portfolio. It’s about solving for income — about ensuring you will have enough money to last you throughout your life. We can help you achieve that goal.

Investment & Wealth Management

No two lives are the same. Plus, circumstances change. We understand the need for a personalized approach and holistic perspective to your money management and the agility to stay ahead of change.

Tax Planning

Taxes are a certainty. But you may be paying out too much to Uncle Sam. We’ll help you cut your tax bill by factoring taxes into all your financial decision-making.

Legal Services

Without a plan, your retirement vision can fall apart. Our legal team can help you plan with certainty to experience the peace of mind you need for a fulfilling retirement journey.

Life Insurance

Living in the present is great for everyday living—not when it comes to protecting your family long-term. Our life insurance solutions can safeguard your family’s future and ensure your serenity now.

Long Term Care Options

Scientific innovations extend life but come with astronomical care costs that can drain your assets. We’ll put a plan in place that helps to eliminate caregiving burdens and protects your savings.

Social Security Planning

You can leave a lot of money on the table when you’re confused about how and when to file for Social Security. Rest easy. Our advisors will ensure you receive all the earnings you deserve.

Medicare & Health Insurance

Medicare’s myriad insurance options make choosing the right plan overwhelming. Our advisors will cut through the information overload and suggest the plan options that best match your unique needs.

Real Estate & Home Equity Solutions

Whether to downsize or age in place? The question haunts you. Our professionals can guide you—options to execution—and help you comfortably settle into the place you’ll call home.

Aging & Longevity Services

Are the uncharted waters of the second half of life leaving you adrift? Our longevity advisors can help. We’ll connect you with the longevity services and support for smooth sailing and purposeful, meaningful living.

"Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been."

David Bowie



September 19
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Park Avenue Club, Florham Park, NJ

This seminar is designed to help seniors and their families who are seeking professional expert guidance to address the issues associated with aging and longevity. Join us and take the first steps toward planning for the second half of your life or addressing the issues you already may be encountering. Click Here to read more.


Essential Strategies for Retirement Planning in Today’s Volatile Economy

This timely event is a must-see and seating is limited for the comfort of our guests. Please join us for a complimentary dinner event. Enjoy a gourmet meal and lively discussion!

What is Online Accounting?

Online accounting is the application of online and Internet technologies to the business accounting function. E-accounting is “electronic enablement” of lawful accounting and traceable accounting processes.

Have 15 min to discuss your financial future?

Andrea Gallagher


SPECIAL GUEST: Andrea Gallagher

Certified Senior Advisor, President Senior Concerns, Aging Strategist, Columnist, Keynote

Episode: Rethinking Your Future

5 Things You’ll Learn:

  • How “helping” can unintentionally disempower
  • Golden Rule vs. Platinum Rule: Treating others the way they wish to be treated
  • Anticipating probabilities and embracing possibilities
  • Building resilience and coping mechanisms to retain control of your own life
  • Pro-actively forming creative, practical solutions to problems before they arise